Selfdrive in Botswana

For the most adventurous, we can organize selfdrive safaris. Mainly there 2 options for these kind of safari:

  • The most wild, is to design the itinerary with a full equiped 4×4, and overnight at any of the public camping areas either in the National Parks or some Private Concessions. You will have be ready for the sandy and muddy roads, lack of signal on the paths, and well supply with everything you can need.
  • A bit soft would be to design the itinerary with accommodations on some of the tented camps that are reachable by road. On the arrival you will enjoy all the facilities of the tented camp and you can choose to do the game drives in the area by yourself, or join to the guided game drives that the tented camps offer.

You will be out of touch

Once you live your starting point, keep in mind most of the time you will be out of touch with not network available for mobile phones. One satellite phone will be basic. Let’s us to advise the best itinerary once we know more about you.

You will be in wild areas

Once you make the decission to do a selfdrive safari, keep in mind you will be driving and avernight in totally wild areas: predators and all kind of wildlife will be roaming freely and any uncorrrect behaviour on your side, can be very dangerous.

Choose your option

To travel with one fully equiped 4×4 accross the wild areas is one option, camping in the designated areas, being self-suficient during the full safari. But also you can mix the experience chosing either some or all the nights in basic tented camps and benefit from the services offered.

Living the adventure…

Botswana is always an adventure. But if you are on yourself, with not professional guides….. Won’t be easy, believe me.

But if you are ready to deal with the rough sandy and muddy paths, drive your 4×4 taking for it all the strenght, if you are not scared of never being very sure where you are, if you are not worried of the loneliness, if you want your soul fully merge with the wild nature….

This is your option for a safari in Botswana

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