Self-drive safaris

Botswana, Namibia and South Africa have become the preferred destinations amongst self-drive enthusiasts due to the prime location of the camping areas, the incredible game viewing opportunities and the stunning landscapes all countries offer. Self-drive itineraries offer two available travel options:

The most exciting alternative is to choose the complete camping experience whilst driving yourself; in this case, a fully equipped 4×4 vehicle providing camping gear is necessary: tents, sleeping bags, camping gas, crockery etc. You will overnight at designated public camping areas inside the National Parks or inside some Private Concessions. You must be ready for the sandy tracks, water crossings, and most frequently, the lack of any direction signal on the paths.

The softer alternative is choosing to stay at lodges and still feel the excitement when driving between destinations. If this is your choice, a 4×4 is still required, but no camping equipment is needed. Please, note accommodations are limited to the tented camps or lodges that are reachable by road and allow self-drivers (especially in Botswana). You will be able to enjoy all the facilities of the tented camp.


• Travel at your pace and set your daily schedule whilst always observing parks opening and closing times

• Go back to the basics and switch off from any digital (except your camera!)

• This is your safari option if you want your soul to fully blend with the wild nature

• You can remain watching animals for as long as you wish

• Possibility of staying at certain lodges or camps if you are looking for more comfort

• This safari travel style is the appropriate option for those who wish to immerse in wild nature and enjoy driving

Out in the wild

Always remember you will be driving and overnighting in wilderness areas, so all kinds of wildlife will be roaming freely. A self-drive safari is a unique travel experience and extremely enjoyable, but you must observe park rules and have common sense at all times.

  • Driving outside operating hours, driving off-road and walking are strictly forbidden.
  • The speed limit inside the parks varies from 40-60 km/hour – please consider this when calculating the time required to drive from one location to the next.
  • Only leave your footprint behind and help preserve the parks

4x4 vehicle

Our expert team will advise on the most suitable 4×4 car rental for your self-drive trip based on your itinerary. 4×4 vehicles are available with (equipped) and without camping (unequipped) gear for 2 to 5 people. Larger vehicles are available no request.

We will make sure the vehicle includes insurance cover (from standard to full coverage depending on your choice), unlimited kilometres, long–range fuel tanks, a high-lift jack and spare tyres.

The most common and reliable 4×4 vehicles are Toyota Hilux and Toyota Land Cruiser. Vehicles could be automatic or manual.

Choose your accommodation

Are you feeling adventurous? Spend the nights camping in designated areas. For this alternative, you will have to cater for your food, drinks and fuel supplies during the safari. Park permits are compulsory for the vehicle and your party, and a fully equipped 4×4 is necessary.

If you are looking for more comfort, you could choose from a wide range of lodges and camps to spend the night/s. The meals get included, and game drive activities are carried out with the guide or on your own. A non-equipped vehicle is necessary, and you will have to cater for fuel. Park permits are compulsory only for the vehicle if activities get done by the lodge.

Some inspiration

You are ready to experience a self-drive safari holiday, but you are hesitant about which country to visit or where to stay. Check the below sample itineraries to find inspiration, and let us know how we can tailor them to suit your dream safari

Southern Africa as  you have never imagined it

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