Our story

Live Botswana Safaris is the love story between 5 Spanish travel professionals and Africa who visited Botswana for the first time in two thousand and eleven. They were looking for new destinations which could offer the perfect balance between conservation and exclusivity. That trip set the benchmark of a long-time dream, and in 2012 we created Mopane Game Safaris.

In the early years, we focused on learning every fact about each destination; whilst developing our network of selected partners. As with every start, the road was not easy; however, our previous experience as tailor-made travel consultants and the belief in pursuing our dream led us to persevere and grow by the day.

Initially, we dealt with the Spanish speaking market only, but as time went by, we noticed international travellers were contacting us to plan their safari holidays more often. We then decided to expand our market reach, and Live Botswana Safaris was born as the sister company of Mopane Game Safaris but catering exclusively to international travellers.

10 years later, we may humbly say how proud we are of our success. Not only we have developed and run our mobile camping safaris, providing a high level of quality and comfort at a very competitive price. But we have also become an established and respected DMC.

The team

Live Botswana Safaris is fortunate to rely on experienced safari consultants whose passion is creating extraordinary tailor-made safari holidays and sharing their extensive knowledge about Southern Africa with you. They know inside-out where to go when to go and what to do.

Our consultants have personally vetted hotels, camps, lodges and activities across all the countries where we offer safaris. But most importantly, our consultants are constantly striving to deliver the kind of service that will exceed each client’s expectations.

The headquarter office shares two locations: 

  • Maun (Botswana): from where we operate the luxury mobile safari and handle the booking hub for the international market.
  • Madrid (Spain): from where we handle the booking hub for the Spanish speaking market and carry out administrative tasks. 

Why choose us

We have helped thousands of safari enthusiasts and discerned travellers unveil the secrets and extraordinary beauty that Southern Africa possesses. With more than 15 years of experience in the travel industry and currently celebrating our 10th anniversary in Africa, we are committed to providing the best service and unbiased advice in the trade to make your travel passion ours.