Tuli Safari Lodge

The Northern Tuli Game Reserve is a hidden gem – it’s a unique, timeless corner of Africa with spectacular wildlife, breathtaking landscapes and fascinating history. It is quite unlike the rest of Botswana in terms of its stunning scenery – typified by huge vistas and big skies, rocky outcrops and baobab-studded plains. It’s a photographer and geologist’s dream location! The bush is very varied with rock formations more reminiscent of Namibia, a network of riverbeds and riverine forests as well as open grasslands and marshy areas.

Being in a semi-arid zone, it’s a year round destination with less of a pronounced difference between the greener season and the drier season than in other parts of Botswana. In fact the greener season, approximately November to March, is a beautiful time to come as the bush is often transformed into a floral wonderland!

Game viewing and birding is diverse and has the added bonus of this really scenic backdrop. Tuli boasts the largest herd of elephant on privately owned land in Africa and must be one of the few places where one of the big 5 can be seen in the same spot at the same time as one of the little 5 – Tuli’s elephant shrews are an almost guaranteed sightings at one of our favorite sun downer spots overlooking the reserve